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House won’t sell, what should you do?

  Regardless of whether the real estate market is a hot seller’s market or a slow buyer’s market, there are always some homes that just don’t sell. When I have one of those listings that just isn’t getting showings, or is getting a lot of showings but no offers, it means that I need to […]

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Investor: Estimate Repair Costs with a Fix-and-Flip Investment Property

A lot of people dream of getting into the business of fixing and flipping homes, but funding is the number one obstacle. You need capital to purchase homes and cover the cost of renovations before you can flip them for a profit. You’re new to flipping houses, and you’ve already heard your share of warnings […]

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New Investors: 5 Must-Knows

All or nothing; an attitude that emptied my pockets and accounts. I stood broke with zero savings. Payday couldn’t arrive fast enough! Crazy right? Correct. The stress was alarming. Lesson #1: Don’t place all your eggs in one basket. Although necessary, risk should never be painstaking. Fortunately, my investment was cash-flowing and I officially became […]

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