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How much will your debt cost you over your lifetime?

Many consumers don’t comprehend how much poor or fair credit impacts their lives. From qualifying for a mortgage, a line of credit, an automobile loan or lease, credit cards and insurance (car, home, life and business) to dictating how much you will pay for these financial products. PCC can help you break the cycle of poor or fair credit by taking proactive steps to help you manage and repair your credit.

A typical United States consumer will likely pay $279,002 in interest on credit purchases over the course of their life.

At Perfect Credit Consulting, LLC (PCC), our mission is to improve your credit scores and your life by saving you money!

How MUCH money can higher credit scores save me over my lifetime? Click here to learn more! 

How MUCH money can higher credit scores save me on a mortgage and an auto loan? Click here to find out! 

The Lifetime Cost of Debt and Loan Savings Calculators on the website illustrate the potential savings that can be realized. Which is by improving your credit scores and by qualifying for higher credit ranges.

Whether your credit is poor, fair, good or very good, there is always room for improvement and the ability to SAVE substantial money.

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