New Investors: 5 Must-Knows

All or nothing; an attitude that emptied my pockets and accounts. I stood broke with zero savings. Payday couldn’t arrive fast enough!

Crazy right? Correct. The stress was alarming.

Lesson #1: Don’t place all your eggs in one basket. Although necessary, risk should never be painstaking.

Fortunately, my investment was cash-flowing and I officially became an entrepreneur.

High on investing, I planned to move forward with another deal. What does a motivated entrepreneur do? Find money.

I didn’t hesitate to ask for a loan. Friends, family, banks. Denied, denied, DENIED. I had no investor network, minimal investment history, and an average income. In short, I had no lending credibility.

Lesson #2: No one is obligated to give you money. Earn it with work, knowledge, associations, and credibility.

My goal remained delayed until a networking event inspired change. A speaker intently spoke about the ease of business funding. Moreover, he claimed effort and resourcefulness separated the haves from the have-nots.

Sounded great, so I investigated.

Google searches really make dreams come true. A few key words went a long way. Aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs were accessing large sums of money I formerly thought were hard to reach.

‘Creative financing’ became my favorite phrase:

business credit

cash-out refinancing

master leasing

seller financing

All methods I now considered options.

Lesson #3: Take advantage of free resources. Things like internet searches, downloadable documents, and networking events accelerate your efforts.

Back in action, ready for a deal. Yes! I just knew I’d have more properties in no time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. I kept running into properties that didn’t pan out. I couldn’t believe it! I had financing options with no deals to close. Then I realized why I was stuck, AGAIN.

Solely focused on financing, I placed no effort in actively pursuing a deal. At the time, I figured I had to achieve one goal before beginning on another.

Lesson #4: Success is not linear. Work on your goals simultaneously to maximize on time and efficiency.

Had I owned this mindset, I would’ve closed on my next deal sooner.

Lesson #5: JUST GET STARTED, embrace risk. Never stray away from pursuing what you want regardless of the challenge.

Things may not happen as planned. Commit to the end-goal and you will earn the result you desire.



About adamnegri

Started in the Real Estate Business 22 years ago in the commercial sector. Currently my partner and wife is and Architect, Interior Designer and Space Planner. I'm a Licensed R.E. Broker and Property Manager. We collectively have a 10 man construction company that works on our projects. We Fix & Flip Single Family Homes. Buy and Hold Apartment buildings and Wholesale properties to Investor and Cash Buyers in the Fairfield County Connecticut Market place. We have 2m in liquid capital for purchases as well as a number of local banks we work with

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