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Here are some documents and links that can help inform you when looking for how to sell your house. We specialize in helping homeowners out of unwanted houses in Connecticut or stopping unwanted conditions, such as foreclosure. These may help you in deciding which option is best. We’re always available to assess your situation and are more than happy to point you in the right direction if we find our solutions are not the best for you.

As an additional resource we offer a form at the bottom if you are interested in seeing what we will be able to offer you for your house. Offer to buy are in cash. It is our no-obligation way to simplify the house selling process and allow homeowners to find relief from debt, consuming mortgages, foreclosure, or unwanted properties. Feel free to submit your information. It is confidential and there is no obligation to continue.



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5 Ways
to Avoid Foreclosure

Tips on avoiding foreclosure on your house and information to know your options.



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Pros, Cons, & Pitfalls
of Selling to an Investor

A straight look at selling your house to an investor.


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